Better for the environment

  • Provides habitat for wildlife

  • Helps sustain native plants 

  • Promotes biodiversity

Less cost & maintenance

Done by Florida specialists

  • Florida Native Plant Society

  • Residential & Commercial

  • Established 2001

 Our Native sustainable landscape designs & services are..

  • Conserves water

  • Reduces/elimnates chemical inputs

  • Adaptable and sustainable 

"NUP just "did" my front yard. It's wonderful! Going to get rid of most of my grass. Looking forward to tons of color, and lots of bees and butterflies. May get some bee hives next year." - James J.

Native & Uncommon

Plants & Landscaping Design Services

Currently closed email to schedule for spring consults.

Landscape Design Services

Our landscape designs feature Florida friendly and native plants that enhance the environment and save you time and money on maintenance. Consultations are $125 flat rate. This includes evaluation, plant identification, sketch/design with one free re-work and basic soil analysis. Schedule your consultation by chatting with us on messenger below or by calling 904-388-9851.

Nursery - Plants, Shrubs & Trees

We have a variety of Florida friendly and native plants at our nursery.  View our plant listing and contact us to purchase. Visits to the nursery are done by appointment only! Call or email for more information and remember to join our mailing list!

Installations & Other Services

Our professional crew can landscape your entire yard or individual beds and gardens. Contact us today for a consultation.

Landscape Mitigation & Restoration

Restore wildlife habitats, Erosion control - Beach restoration - Construction impact zone - Natural disaster repair zone

Butterfly Gardens

We have a variety of native options to attract butterflies. 

Hummingbird Gardens

Build a hummingbird garden to attract Hummingbirds like the 1/4 ounce ruby throated hummingbird that winters in Jacksonville after traveling nearly 2,000 miles from their breeding grounds in Canada and the eastern United States.

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"Great working with NUP on two large planting areas in my front yard. Installed in mid-summer and only had to water for a few weeks before plants were totally self sufficient. Most survived and NUP offered to replace a few that didn't! "- Peter J. 

We enjoy all things native and stay active in the Florida grower communities.

Check out our calendar to see where you can find us next.

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